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    SSM digital suite

    • 筒管

      或纱管,是最灵活而广泛的卷装形状的基础(如:平行管 - 无收边 / 双锥度 - 两端收边 / 单端收边 / 瓶形),这取决于卷绕装置(卷绕形式)

    • 锥形筒管


    • 缝纫线宝塔筒子


    • 喇叭筒子(Y管)

      用于缝纫线 / 最终成型卷装

    • 缝纫线小管


    Do you want to analyse the performance of your machines at all your production sites, even when spread out globally? SSM has created Nema, which enables its customers to follow machine status and performance worldwide on a dashboard. An overview of process and availability statuses increases the understanding of where measures need to be taken to improve efficiency and which productions to learn from.

    Follow production – anytime, anywhere

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    Worldwide overview

    connect and monitor the production around the globe

    Machine health

    spot challenges and implement measures accordingly

    Secure connection

    digital services build up on state of the art security standards

    Key insisghts

    compare production performance of various factories in real time

    Unlimited user access

    profit from an unlimited number of users who have access to the dashboard

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