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Air Covering

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  • DP3-C

    Air covering machine

    • Tubes

      or cops are the most flexible base for a wide range of package shapes (e.g.: cylindrical - no taper / biconical - double taper / single taper / bottle shape), depending on the winding unit (type of winding)

    • FilamentYarnFilament Yarn

      Synthetic yarn composed of one or more filaments that run the whole length of the yarn. Yarns of one filament are referred to as mono-filament; yarns of several filaments as multi-filament.

    • DTYDrawn Textured Yarn

      Made from Polyester POY by simultaneously twisting & drawing. DTY yarn is mainly used in weaving and knitting.

    • PET / PESPolyester

      Synthetic fiber made from a thermoplastic polymer that contain the ester functional group in their main chain. Most commonly refers to a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyethylene succinate (PES) with a melting point from 103 – 106°C

    • PAPolyamid

      Also known as Nylon. PA consists of chemical fibres and are obtained from synthetic polymers. Polyamid is very resistant and tear proof as well as elastic, stretchable and takes just a little moisture up. In addition it is extensively crease-resistant and drip-dry.

    • ELElastan

      Elastane or Spandex is a polyurethane-polyurea copolymer. This synthetic fibre can be stretched from four to seven times their length, reverting to their original length when the tension is relaxed. Used for all areas where a high degree of permanent elasticity is required: hosiery, underwear, sportswear, and in woven and knitted fabrics.

    Infinitely adjustable process conditions as well as an up-to-date yarn path enable the optimisation of the closeness and stability of the intermingling of yarns, according to the specific requirements of the down-stream process.

    The following features have been introduced with the DP3-C DIGICONE® preciflex™ machine concept:

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    Technical data DP3-C

    Types of winding

    DIGICONE® or precision

    Mechanical speed

    up to 1200 m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)

    Package shape

    freely programmable

    Take-up tubes

    cylindrical tubes

    Traverse length

    25…250 mm infinitely variable

    Take-up package diameter

    up to 280 mm

    Package weight

    up to 10 kg

    Supply package diameter

    – on side creel

    1-ply: up to 300 mm; 2-ply or 1-ply + stand-by: up to 240 mm

    up to 4 ends and stand-by: up to 440 mm


    filament yarns, Elastane


    up to 3300 dtex


    single sided

    No. of spindles per section


    No. of spindles min./max.

    min. 5 / max. 40


    440 mm


    individually controlled electronic single drives

    Installed power

    500 W per spindle

    Power consumption

    approx. 180...250 W per spindle

    Compressed air / Process air requirement

    – for machine operating

    – for air covering

    Air installations is the responsibility of the machine user


    – 6 bar

    – up to 6 bar for the jet

    Process air consumption

    depending on type of jet and process parameters, according indication of jet manufacturer

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